[ENGLISH TEXT]: What is a Logo and How Does It Brand a Business?

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Today, logos have become the omnipresent marketing tool. One can see them everywhere displayed on products, services and on print or TV advertisements. As you roam around in the markets, you can instantly see many different logos. In fact, each product that you pick up in a shopping mall has a unique logo printed on it. Any creative, unique and new logo design is a valuable tool for marketers to represent a brand or company and its business amid consumers.

What is a logo?

A logo [or logotype] is a symbol, a graphical symbol that creates an identity for a business so that people, particularly the targeted customers, can recall the business just by looking at its logo. This, of course, is a simplistic definition of what logo is. But in a broader sense, a logo works for a company by conveying a thought-provoking business message to the consumers creating a unique way of easily recognizing and identifying a specific company or website.

There are so many different types of logos that are used companies and websites around the world. Some are more popular than others primarily because of the success of the company represented by the images. However, it makes sense to understand that custom logo designs are not just a Photoshop mock-up but a careful and artistic approach to build a brand around users with elements that they can relate to and connect with. In fact, as a branding tool, logos have more power and presence than you might ever realize.

How do Logos Help in Building Brand Identity?

Makes a business easy recognizable

Logos are designs that people can keep in memory for a long time. So, when you see a logo, you can easily recall the company and the business it represents. An effective logo design can make the task of recognizing a business look easy due to the use of certain special elements.

For example, Facebook logo comes in blue color with the letter ‘F’ specially designed in a blue box. So, when people see this logo, they know it is represents the popular social networking site. When you see the letter ‘M’ designed in golden yellow colored arches, you automatically recall the fast food chain, McDonald’s. Similarly, the apple with a bite mark lets you quickly know that the logo represents Apple, America’s biggest consumer electronics company. Creative logo designs are all about making it easier for brands to identify themselves and for clients to identify those brands.

Logos advertise their respective businesses

Another way creative logo designs work to create brand identity is that they can be used as the dynamic advertisement of your company. Many companies or websites turn their brand name into a logo. In most cases, this works well for companies. In fact, Design Shack explains that quite a few brand names in their abbreviated form have become just as iconic as symbolic logo images.

Examples of such logos include that of Coca-cola, FedEx, UPS and IBM. These brands have basically become their logos. But there are many companies that use their full name to create a logo type. Microsoft is a classic example of the same. Such logotypes hugely help in building the brand identity for a company. But in all the above examples one thing is common, effective branding power extends far beyond images and words in creating the brand identity of the companies.

Careful color scheme

Colors are not merely to decorate a logo. On the contrary, colors are a way to evoke a set of desired emotions. So, when you see red in a restaurant logo, you feel hunger and energetic to eat something. Yellow in a fast food restaurant’s logo is strategically used to increase your appetite for the food. Blue in social site logos is aimed at evoking the feelings of friendship and interaction. According to Mashable, each color has its own implication and plays a big role in how people react emotionally.

How to design a logo with a purpose?

Simplicity is the key-To create logos as a powerful branding tool, you need to know about the principles of logo designing. While each professional designer may have his/her own set of rules, some commonly agreed principles are followed by most of them. First condition to create a successful logo is that it must be simple in its design. The design should be impressively simpleton in terms of colors, typefaces and other elements. A rainbow of colors or use of many fonts will only leave onlookers confused. Global giants like IBM, Apple, Nike, etc. boast of simple logo designs that are easily memorable.

Longevity -The logo must yield enough power to withstand the test of time. Since you want to win loyalty of customers, there should not be many changes in your logo design. People establish a relationship with the logo and therefore, they hate it when you make drastic changes in the design overnight. Of course, revamping is essential to lease a new life in the design but it makes sense to still keep the logo simple and recognizable. A true test of logo is that its design should keep its basic elements intact even after many decades.

Versatility – Make sure that your logo looks the same when used on different media and in different sizes. A bad logo design will not withstand this test as it will lose its appeal and will look out of place and distorted. And such logo will only ruin your business image. So, make sure your logo doesn’t lose its impact and power of evoking desired emotions and reactions when printed on billboards in bigger sizes or on stamps.

Design or Hire – If you’ve an eye for design and have ample time in hand, there’s a long list of free online resources to design your own business logo. However, if you don’t have the time, talent or inclination for design work, it may be better if you hire a designer instead. But what if you don’t have oodles of money to bear the expenses of a professional designer with several years of experience? Try crowdsourcing your logo needs. With the growing number of crowdsourcing platforms online, it’s easy to source a creative logo design in affordable prices and within no time. Logo design contests by Designhill, for one, offer umpteen opportunities for that.

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